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    What is an ETF?

    Investing in ETFs can give you additional control over your finances. ETF stands for exchange-traded fund. ETF’s are made up of several funds, just like a mutual fund. But the ETF differs in that is can be traded like an individual stock. ETFs follow rates determined by a particular index.

    How are ETFs similar to Mutual Funds?

    An ETF’s main advantage, one that mirrors that of Mutual Funds, is the diversification it offers. Like a mutual fund, an ETF can be composed of hundreds of financial instruments. Various stocks and bonds can help to balance each other out. When one experiences a downturn, another buffers it with expansion. As with all M3 investments, our fund managers will make the moves that bring you a significant return on investment.

    A Team of Veteran Financial Managers

    An ETF allows you to invest in diverse funds without having to track them 24/7. Our financial experts will ensure we meet our mutual goals—risk management and financial success.

    How does an ETF offer more control than a Mutual Fund?

    ETFs differ from mutual funds in that they offer trading flexibility. ETFs get you the same pricing you would get working with a broker in in a major stock exchange.

    ETF’s have lower costs than mutual funds. ETF’s get you decreased expense ratios compared to mutual funds, because they track indexes

    ETF’s offer great tax savings and low minimums.

    When you invest in anything, potential taxes can be a liability. Like index mutual funds, ETF’s are tax-efficient, saving you money.

    Buying and ETF costs about the same as buying one share of a stock. That gets you access to a diversified portfolio with less startup costs.

    The M3 Asset team is here to get you on the right track.

    Let our professionals guide you through the ins and outs of a successful investment strategy that incorporates ETFs.

    Find out how ETFs can fit into your overall investment strategy. You can use them to create a complete portfolio or add them to an already diversified portfolio.

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